Leaders in Scenario Planning

Our Mission

Formed in 2002, the Futures Strategy Group (FSG) is a recognized leader in scenario planning (also known as alternative futures).  FSG principals have been working together for more than two decades, starting with The Futures Group and later Deloitte Consulting, supporting some of the largest and most dynamic business and public sector organizations, including IBM, Pfizer, Ford Motor Company, 3M, Nestlé, NASA and the U.S. Coast Guard.  FSG’s unique strengths lie in its ability to derive meaningful, executable insights from a rigorous exploration of alternative future business environments – scenarios. We do this in close partnership with client “Core Teams” and through workshop processes that create urgency and forge executive alignment around actions that need to be taken today in order to be ready for tomorrow. 

All FSG engagements are staffed primarily with firm principals, supported by senior, experienced associates.  The philosophy underlying our processes is that strategic planning must be expansive, rigorous and tied to concrete actions that can be acted upon immediately.  We also believe that this work should be stimulating – and even fun.  

Proof of the enduring value of our work is the high percentage of repeat business we have received from our clients.  Some of these relationships span decades of productive collaboration.