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April 9, 2013

April 9 Through History

If you had anticipated these things happening before they did, on April 9 throughout history, we might have hired you as a scenario consultant. If we had been around.

1413: Henry V is crowned King of England, not on Crispin Crispian's Day, but, curiously, on St. Waltrud's Day.

1865: General Robert E. Lee surrenders to General Ulysses S. Grant at Appomattox Courthouse, VA, effectively ending the Civil War, after some 615,000 die in battle and due to disease and a further 412,200 are wounded, for a total of approximately 1,027,200 casualties after four years of fighting. 

1916: The Germans mount their third offensive of the Battle of Verdun. The German attempt to capture Verdun fails, but they do end up slightly in front of where they started, at a cost of 336,000 killed and some 19,000-98,000 wounded; the French side suffers 362,000 dead and somewhere between 38,000 and 180,000 wounded. So out of a total of 2,390,000 soldiers who were committed to the battle, some 698,000 are killed and up to 278,000 wounded, all for basically no result, for a total of approximately 976,000 casualties after ten months of fighting.

1961: The "Red Car System" of Pacific Rail in Los Amgeles ceases operations. At its height, it was the largest electric rail system in the world, with 2,160 cars operated on 1,000 miles of track, from Canoga Park in the west to Redlands in the east, and from the San Fernando Valley in the north to the Balboa Peninsula in the south.

Birthdays: Timur (a.k.a. Tamerlane), Asian-Turkic conqueror (1336); Hugh Hefner (1926); Kristen Stewart (1990). Explain that, astrologers.

(Source: Wikipedia)

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