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February 22, 2013

February 22: Expect the Unexpected

"All along the untrodden paths of the future, I can see the footprints of an unseen hand." – Sir Boyle Roche

Scenarios previously undreamt that suddenly became reality as of February 22:

1371: Yesterday if you said "the Stuart dynasty" no one would know what you were talking about; today, it's a concept.

1440: Ladislaus the Posthumous, future King of Hungary, is born. In 1457 Hungary decides he's actually dead, and replaces him with the actually extant Matthias "The Just" Corvinus.

1632: Galileo's Dialogue Concerning The Two Chief World Systems is published, beginning the longstanding East Coast-West Coast rap conflict. 

1732: George Washington now exists, ensuring our money will not contain the words "This Space Intentionally Left Blank," unlike almost any other item printed by the U.S. government since then. 

1819: Florida is suddenly part of the United States. The Adams-Onis treaty delivers the territory to the United States from Spain in exchange for $5 million just in time for Spring Break. 

1924: Calvin Coolidge delivers the first radio broadcast speech from the White House. Afterwards, all three networks get to work on Reality Radio as an antidote. 

1980: The United States Olympic hockey team beats the team for the USSR, reinvigorating all Americans' sense of self-worth and guaranteeing the re-election of President Jimmy Carter. 

1997: Announcement of the first cloned sheep, Dolly, forever destroying counting sheep as a cure for insomnia ("Wait…didn't I already count that one?").

(Source: Wikipedia)

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