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March 28, 2013

March 28 in Scenario History

The past is prologue for scenario planning.

Things that happened on March 28 through history:

1809: France under Napoleon defeats Spain in the Battle of Medellin, part of the Peninsular War. France will advance to face Russia, then Austria and England in the Finals in Belgium, where they will be eliminated.

1871: The Paris Commune is established, because radical change worked so well in France in 1848, and 1830, and 1789. No Oscar-winning movies or Tony-winning plays are made about it, so it gradually collapses. 

1920: Palm Sunday tornadoes of 1920: a series of at least 37 tornadoes hits the U.S. from Georgia to Michigan and Missouri to Ohio, killing more than 380 people, injuring 1215, and destroying hundreds of buildings. One group of tornadoes in Will and Cook County, Illinois kills 20 people, including ten of a congragation gathered for Palm Sunday services in a church. Another kills ten more in Elgin, IL. Another several hours later travels from Eclectic, AL to West Point, GA, killing 26. (Just a warning note to those determined to attribute every weather event to climate change – or its lack.  Weather is not climate.)

1979: Three Mile Island melts down. No new nuclear power plant construction project will be approved by the federal government until 2012. 

(Source: Wikipedia)

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