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March 30, 2013

March 30 Historical Scenario Planning Nuggets

Scenarios that occurred on this date through history.

598: The Avars lift the siege on the Byzantine stronghold of Tomis (present day Constanta, Romania). The Avars, a fierce Turkic people, had to retreat north of the Danube due to their being decimated by the plague. The Avars had emigrated from the Asian steppes, establishing a "khaganate" in 567, and eventually conquered much of present day Romania, Bulgaria, and the former Yugoslavia, from the Black Sea to the outskirts of northeastern Italy. They then intermixed rapidly with the local Slavs. They were led by a "khagan," and were ruled by a warrior caste, but ultimately became completely assimilated, speaking Slav. Their realm will ultimately collapse with the 796 conquest by Charlemagne's and his son Pepin of Italy's forces of the western half, and the 804 conquest of the eastern half by the Bulgars. 

1822: The Florida Territory is established in the United States. The ceremony will be over by 4:45 so people can make the Early Bird Special. 

1842: Ether anaesthesia is first used by American surgeon Crawford Long, to remove a tumor from the neck of James Venable in Jefferson, Georgia. The Emory University Crawford W. Long Hospital in Atlanta will be named for him in 1931, and will retain that name until 2009, when it will become Emory Hospital Midtown. Sic semper cum novatores.

1867: Alaska is purchased from Russia for $7.2 million in a deal brokered by Secretary of State William Seward. Original plans to bake it prior to the 1868 elections are abandoned.

1870: Texas is readmitted to the Union after Reconstruction. Sort of.

1944: Allied bombers conduct their most severe bombing of the war of Sofia, Bulgaria, in an attempt to eliminate any remaining pockets of Avar resistance.

(Source: Wikipedia)

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