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June 27, 2012

Our National Dialogue, Mid-2012

Defend values. Mortal threat. Borders. Force projection nation. Stand athwart history crying attack. Common sense. Times New Roman plain font.

So, well, yeah, no. Sort of; kind of, if you will, appears could be; but on other hand. Lucida Sans Unicode Italic font.

Nonsense. Foreign evil. Relativist claptrap destroying. Realpolitik. Founders. Straightforward logic proves. Self-evident. Return basics. Cadillac.

So if I may, I'd like to, that's sort of kind of. Ambiguity, doubt, kind of a gray sort of a you know area. Prius.

Black white. Weakling political correctness fascism elitist intellectual wrong evil. Righteous anger. Faith-based. Good. Crusade. America. Foursquare. Power. Providence.

So, personally, no; my take, yeah, don't want to sort of…generalize, won't, kind of, speak for everyone, certain aspects; cultural, sort of, awareness, openness, inclusiveness. Complexity explication. If you will. Maybe, sort of, Buddha.

Certainty. Iron rule linear inescapable. Creed. If a then b. Rigor. Gleaming brushed-metal pistons churning inexorable destroy objectives. Guns projectiles mechanistic. Period.

So it's like organic sort of kind of globular inchoate mass indefinable oceanic non-causal fuzzy sort of. Kind of. Criticality arts cultural awareness. Sensitivity. Provisional sort of, lack of, understanding non-comprehensive. Multicultural. Semicolon ellipses.

Concrete. Walls. Rectitude. As night followeth day. Continence. Discipline. Forging. Mighty oak. Generations. Heritage. Greatness. Permanence. Implacable indefatigable victorious harsh proven manly domination steaks chops.

So, see sort of your, kind of point, yet other hand muddy erosion constant change impermanence wash away mandala sandstorm hurricane waves evolution sort of bricks mortar cracks in a way foundation placenta seepage chakras bacteria microbes leaking breaching barriers change futility sort of impossibility kind of perfect you know knowledge in a certain sense impossible vegan tofu.

Constancy knowledge aver avow leader arrogance forward competence rectilinear win subjugate. Will; demand simple straightforward be-what-seems-to-be primary-colors do; accomplish finish perfection. Indubitable. Forefathers. Prostate.

So it depends. Liberal arts sicklied o'er with the pale cast of thought, accompanied wry smile palms upturned. Cloying; other, you know, crossword puzzle movie review words. Sustainability.

Spurious certainty hands on hips, accompanied burning glare immediate impetuous action now.

So you know, sort of flaws argument, impossible be sure; remain kind of open all, you know, alternatives; not sort of judge; petuous inaction someday.

Final demand action immediate based illogical emotionally pleasing rage righteousness.

So no, yeah; but yeah; no.

[sound Second Amendment rights exercised]

[sound First Amendment rights ceasing exercise]

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