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June 21, 2012

The Problem With Everything: Them

So far I have soft-peddled my actual politics on here. It’s only seemed like the sensible thing to do on the website of a commercial enterprise to keep my political opinions to myself.

But there comes a time when you just have to say what you really believe.

There are two types of people in the world: the sensible ones who can see that we are headed down a very bad path, and the nutty ones who want to hit the accelerator until we fly right off a cliff.

Good, sensible people are on a long losing streak, you see. I blame the Internet, in part. It causes bad ideas to spread very easily to gullible, well-meaning, but feeble-minded people.

I also blame our educational system. People are just not as well-informed these days, thanks to our substandard schools. And we all know why that is. 

What we direly need is for our politicians to set aside their squabbling, to cooperate, and to tackle the critical issues facing us, using common-sense approaches instead of ideology.

Naturally our politicians should not simply blindly compromise with the other side – that side is intellectually bankrupt. The other side, if we are to survive, has to recognize that it has played its cynical hand as far as it can, and if it continues its insistence on getting its own way it will destroy this great country. They must change their stance and go along with what is obviously true, and stop going directly head-on against reality, common sense and the right way of doing things. 

Economically and politically we can’t continue on the same path. We simply cannot keep doing what we have been doing. Everyone knows that. But one side just won’t listen. They want to keep going until we’ve squandered 236 years of greatness. They haven’t got any real understanding of what the Founders wanted for this country, because they only seem to imbibe the kind of “history” their side writes, so they just don’t understand the fundamental principles that have gotten us to today. So their supporters insist on policies that, in spite of their sincerity, end up degrading and destroying the very essential principles they claim to be supporting.

The key thing to appreciate is that there are two ways we can go, and only two. We can get back to common sense traditional approaches that have always worked for us, and save our country, or we can continue to follow the disastrous path they want us to follow, and proceed to systematic and utter destruction of the country. 

There is no third scenario, and certainly not a fourth or fifth scenario. The idea that there might be other alternative ways to think about reality is simply a waste of time. There are only two exactly opposite scenarios, with nothing in common, unalterably opposed to one another. Either/Or. Us/Them. Right/Wrong. Up/Down. Light/Darkness. Triumph/Disaster.

One final thing: We have nothing in common with them. Some people – clearly in league with them, no doubt – have started to spread a rumor that we might actually have some common ground with them, and that if we analyzed the situation, we might actually discover that we are upset about many of the same things they are, and that at bottom we share a lot of the same values, fears, hopes, dreams, and feelings with them, despite some superficial differences in hairstyles, clothing, cultural tastes, and the like.

This is of course ridiculous, and I can prove it.

Ask yourself: isn’t it obvious from what you’ve read here which side of the political/economic/social divide the author of this piece is on? 

That’s right! I’m on your side.

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1 thought on “The Problem With Everything: Them”

  1. P.S. The most terrifying
    P.S. The most terrifying scenario of all: that one of these two sides may actually be right about pretty much everything.


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