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March 16, 2013

Top of the Scenarios to Ye!

Your St. Patrick's Day March 17 scenario planning fodder.

45 BC: Julius Caesar wins his last battle, the Battle of Munda, against the forces of Pompey the Younger and Titus Labienus, in southern Spain. He gets 363 days to celebrate after fighting for his life among the ranks in the battle.

1040: Harold Harefoot, King of England, is overtaken by tortoise-footed death in Oxford. He only ruled five years, and never traveled much, but after he died, he really got around. His brother Harthacnut invaded three months later, exhumed his body, and had it beheaded and thrown into a fen near the Thames. Some fishermen recovered it, however, and some resident Danes (Harold's family was Danish) had it reburied in their own cementery in London. But Harold couldn't settle down. His body reportedly ended up in a  churchyard in Westminster. Still others say he was bured in Winchester, or maybe Denmark. For these posthumous ramblings, I hereby propose that Harold Harefoot be renamed Zombie Harold, Patron King of the Undead. 

1776: British forces evacuate Boston, ending the Siege of Boston in a victory for the Continental Army. To this day you will find thousands of people in Boston raucously celebrating on March 17, wearing the green of the Green Mountain Boys of Ethan Allen. 

1959: The Dalai Lama, under intense pressure from the occupying Chinese, flees Tibet for India.

(Source: Wikipedia)

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