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February 25, 2013

Unprecedented: February 25

Every day something happens for which a lot of experts should have done some scenario planning.

1870: Hiram Rhodes Revels of Mississippi becomes the first African-American Senator.

1919: Oregon establishes a 1 cent per gallon tax on gasoline, first state to do so.

1928: The Federal Radio Commission grants the first television license to Charles Jenkins Laboratories of Washington, DC, beginning the hegemony of the Jenkins media empire that held us in thrall ever since…until 1934 when Charles Jenkins died.

1932: Best ad for xenophobia EVER: Austrian immigrant Adolf Hitler is granted provisional citizenship and allowed to run for president of Germany. 

1933: First aircraft carrier, USS Ranger, is launched.

1941: In case you thought collective action against true evil was impossible, think about this: the conquered city of Amsterdam begins a general strike, in protest of anti-Jewish laws promulgated by the occupying Nazis. 

1964: 7-1 underdog Cassius Clay, predicted by 43 of 46 attending writers to be knocked out, knocks out Sonny Liston in Miami. 

1986: Philippine strongman Ferdinand Marcos is overthrown by the People Power Revolution, liberating 70 million Filipinos and almost as many women's shoes. 

1990: 7-1 underdog Violeta Chamorro is elected president of Nicaragua, after which the ruling Sandinista Party of outgoing president Daniel Ortega peacefully surrenders power, despite 43 of 46 attending writers predicting it would not. 

1991: The Warsaw Pact is disbanded without violence or war, despite predictions to the contrary by at least 43/46 of expert analysts.

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