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September 7, 2012

Scenario Consultants’ Wisdom

Peter Kennedy
Managing Principal

Since re-launching our website earlier this year, FSG has been steadily building up content that sheds light on some of the biggest things we have learned over more than 20 years working together as scenario consultants for some of the most dynamic enterprises in the world.  While many other strategy and scenario consultants shy away from sharing best practices, we don’t.  We think it’s important for any organization considering a scenario planning engagement to know what’s ahead for them – not just the process steps, but key lessons learned along the way.  Those lessons we’ve worked hard to incorporate into our work.  And we’re now sharing them on our site as they occur to us.  So, take a look at our case studies on topics such as enterprise scenario planning or scenario modeling and our proliferating blog posts on global economic scenarios, US election scenarios and more.  Future topics will deal with scenario planning leadership, strategy implementation and scenario change management. We will also report on the latest  scenario- or futures-related books of note, including, most recently, Daniel Kahneman’s Thinking, Fast and Slow. So, stay tuned, and give us a shout if you think of anything of scenario or futures interest that we scenario consultants haven’t discussed yet. 

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