Scenario Training

Few, if any, scenario planning consultancies in the world today can boast the breadth and depth of experience and the tremendous client list of the Futures Strategy Group, LLC. FSG has taught hundreds of professionals the basics of scenario-based strategic planning, from one-day introductory sessions to more advanced and in-depth workshop-based training.

Problem: A large retail chain wanted to use scenario planning for a total renewal of their facilities investment and distribution strategy. However, they were a little uneasy about jumping into, what was for them, a very non-traditional approach to corporate strategy development. Could we, they asked, give them some introductory training that included a simulation of how scenario planning actually produces strategies?

Solution: FSG designed a day and a half training/introduction. It included much of the basic training we give to client Core Teams at the outset of a project. Using highly customized versions of relevant previous FSG scenarios that were in the public domain, we also facilitated an abbreviated version of a scenario workshop (using only two scenarios, where four or five is common in projects). The client was surprised by how much new insight they had gained from even that abbreviated workshop and felt very comfortable moving on to a full project.