Our Experience
Two decades of experience advising leading companies and government organizations.

FSG – Our Experience

FSG – Our Experience is broad and diverse

The Futures Strategy Group has roots that go back to some of the earliest applications of foresight and scenario-based strategic planning. We’ve been privileged to work with clients ranging from banks and brokerages, to airlines, to retail chains, to auto and aircraft manufacturers, to the pharmaceutical industry, to utilities, to high-technology companies, to more than 15 federal departments and agencies, to… you get the idea. Chances are we’ve worked on problems a lot like yours.

Our Solutions at Work
We are not professional “futurists.”  We are management consultants who use the future as a tool to evaluate strategic choices facing our clients. More than anything else, we pride ourselves on our success in helping our clients to develop practical, executable solutions to complex challenges – and transferring expertise to them every step of the way.

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Who We’ve Worked With
We tend to work with already excellent organizations that take the challenge of the future seriously. Some need to identify the next big thing in their industry. Some may be grappling with emerging instability in foreign markets. Others want insight into the future to guide critical R&D or merger integration decisions. What they have in common is a willingness to face the irreducible uncertainty that lurks beyond the current business plan. This is where FSG comes in.
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