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Cathy Johnson

Associate Consultant
Cathy Johnson

Cathy Johnson is a freelance researcher and editor who provides research, administrative, and production support to the Futures Strategy Group. Cathy has worked with the founding principals of FSG since the mid-1980s, when they were at The Futures Group, Inc., and later at Deloitte and FSG.

She has contributed significantly to many of the projects conducted by these organizations. Prior to recent FSG work, Cathy was Manager of Production Services at The Futures Group for 20 years, coordinating the final printed products for all their proposals, reports, presentations, and marketing efforts. She provided proofreading and copyediting services, as well as graphic and report design. She designed many of The Futures Group’s publications for their multiyear USAID contracts and private and government scenario projects.

Cathy has also provided research assistance and support for competitive intelligence firms, as well as report design, marketing and web research, website development, database management, desktop publishing, brochure and ad development and design, and trade show preparation. She has provided design assistance for medical education programs. She has also designed, proofed, and facilitated printing of several privately published books. Cathy holds a BA degree in English from Central Connecticut State University, with graduate studies in linguistics.