Helping great organizations turn uncertainty into advantage.


About FSG

We are strategy and business consultants with a unique perspective on the future – and how to plan for it.  We help our clients forge winning strategies by anticipating change, and not merely reacting to it. We help them to overcome the paralyzing effects of uncertainty.  In fact, we can help them transform uncertainty into a competitive advantage.

When it comes to strategy, we believe that anticipation is a superior goal to prediction. Strategy is always about the future and there are no data on the future, only on the past. So attempts to model or predict future events, markets and operating conditions are unreliable at best and counterproductive at worst.

Our strategic foresight and scenario processes are driven by rigorous imagination, prudent judgment and close collaboration with our client partners.  This helps ensure not only expansive, strategic thinking but practical, executable results that demonstrate value long past the end of the project.

For two decades, Futures Strategy Group has been recognized as a leader in scenario planning in private, government and non-profit sectors.

Our groundbreaking work with the US Coast Guard in Project Evergreen was the subject of a 2020 Harvard Business Review case study.

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