Our Team
Experience, imagination, rigor, and a track record of success.

Our Team

The Futures Strategy Group’s people have a wide variety of backgrounds, skill sets and training, and two decades’ experience combining them for creative outcomes for our clients. We bring deep analytical rigor and business acumen, broad political, financial, marketing and strategy expertise, and an organizational culture of innovation to bear on our clients’ most pressing issues.


Peter Kennedy, Managing Principal

Peter Kennedy began as Latin American analyst for Business International (later absorbed into The Economist Group). Peter has directed strategy consulting engagements for many multinational clients, from global insurance companies to auto manufacturers to the Panama Canal Authority. His academic training is in Economics, Public Policy, and Global Affairs. 

Gerard Smith

Gerard Smith, Managing Principal

Gerard Smith is a Managing Principal of the Futures Strategy Group, following more than 30 years as a brand and marketing strategist with experience in advertising, branding and global marketing. He has an extensive background in creating solutions to strategic marketing challenges for many of the world’s best known companies.

Charles Thomas

Joseph Dufresne, Principal

Joe Dufresne is an FSG Principal — and former FSG client with the US Coast Guard.  A recently retired USCG Captain, Joe specializes in strategic foresight, with broad corporate application, including budgeting, operations, human capital and acquisitions.

Mark Trexler

Mark Trexler, Associate Consultant

Mark C. Trexler is an FSG Associate, specializing in climate change scenario planning. Mark has advised companies on climate strategies and risk management for more

Jonathan Jeter, Associate

Jonathan Jeter is an FSG associate with a considerable background in innovation and training. As an independent strategy, innovation and culture consultant, Jonathan works with
Patrick Marren

Patrick Marren, Principal

Patrick Marren has two decades' experience consulting to dozens of world-leading organizations on futures issues and strategy. He has a regular column in the Journal of Business Strategy, in which he writes, perhaps unsurprisingly, on business and strategy. He has a Master's degree in Business Administration from the University of Chicago with a specialization in finance. 

Cathy Johnson

Cathy Johnson, Associate Consultant

Cathy Johnson is a freelance researcher and editor who provides research, administrative, and production support to the Futures Strategy Group. Cathy has worked with the founding principals of FSG since the mid-1980s, when they were at The Futures Group, Inc., and later at Deloitte and FSG.

Charles Perrottet

Kevin McDermott, Associate Consultant

Kevin McDermott is a frequent collaborator with the Futures Strategy Group in its scenario-planning work for corporate and government clients. He is the founder of Collective Intelligence (CI), a New York strategic-communications and change-management firm whose clients have included Booz & Co., Innosight, A.T. Kearney, Korn-Ferry International, and McKinsey & Co.

Charles "Tom" Thomas

Charles W. Thomas, Senior Advisor

Charles W. (Tom) Thomas has been involved in scenario planning since shortly after his days as a Soviet Studies and International Relations graduate student and teacher. He has worked in both public and private sectors, is responsible for many of the groundbreaking features of the FSG approach to scenario planning, and he combines in-depth knowledge, creativity, and communications skills.

Charles Perrottet

Charles Perrottet, Principal

Charles Perrottet has decades of experience in mergers and acquisitions, finance, and advising senior management in industries as diverse as toys, banking, airlines, and snow-blowers (in fact, he thought up the famous Toro "Sno-Risk" program).  He has graduate degrees from both the University of Chicago Graduate School of Business and the London School of Economics.

Robert Avila

Robert Avila, Associate Consultant

Robert Avila is an economist working with the Futures Strategy Group on scenario planning for corporate and government clients. Robert has advised companies on strategy
Patrick Kelly

Patrick Kelly, Associate Consultant

Patrick Kelly is an FSG Associate, specializing in strategy and decision support in Financial Services.  Prior to joining us, he was a Partner in Deloitte Consulting’s Strategy & Operation’s practice. He was deeply involved in building Deloitte’s Financial Services practice in China and Hong Kong.

Jack Clarke

Jack Clarke, Associate Consultant

Dr. John L. Clarke (Jack) is an Associate of the Futures Strategy Group and a contributor to FSG strategy and security engagements. He is also