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September 25, 2023
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What is Scenario Planning?

Scenario Planning, also known as Alternative Futures Planning, is a collaborative way of thinking, planning – and acting – that explicitly factors in a range of plausible ways in which your operating environment could change in the future. For nearly two decades, FSG has helped leading organizations integrate foresight into their strategy and operations.

Our Approach

  • We always work ‘from the outside in’, considering the forces and factors outside of our control, to paint the strategic context
  • We stress future market pull rather than current capabilities push
  • We are creative, rigorous and focused on practical outcomes
  • Our approach is fundamentally collaborative


Our evolving tools and processes inform strategy, risk management, change leadership and innovation for leading business, government and non-profit organizations.

FSG’s toolkit is adaptable to a wide range of client needs and circumstances.

Our Clients

We have served some of the largest and most successful private and public sector entities in the US and the world. Many of them have been repeat clients. The following organizations are among those that have adopted Futures Strategy Group’s proprietary scenario planning methods to prepare for their futures.

List of clients

Doing Scenario Planning Virtually

With the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, FSG has reimagined its delivery of strategic foresight and scenario planning services. As an option, organizations can experience the complete range of FSG scenario planning services in a wholly virtual environment. We have had a lot of experience doing virtual futures work over the last few years and have found it to be a viable alternative to traditional in-person workshops, when logistics and travel costs are challenging to manage.


FSG believes there’s only one way to properly learn how to do scenario planning, and that is to actually do it, in a real strategic context, and not as a generic business case.  A US federal laboratory approached FSG for advice in learning how to do scenario planning in order to build internal capabilities to support laboratory planning and decision processes. FSG customized a training program for the lab’s team that was charged with developing a scenario planning capability. The program consisted of a week-long hands-on training exercise, which included a simulated scenario-planning workshop, followed by an actual scenario-planning pilot for an internal business unit focused on machine learning.

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