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“The Past is the Only Thing We Know”

The iconoclastic historian John Lukacs, who died this week, was skeptical of the value of prognostication. So is FSG.  Read more

Capitalism and the Long Term

The stability of capitalism is threatened by an excessive focus on the short-term. The long term must be a part of decision making, and scenario planning can help. Read more

Intelligent Technology and the Coming Liability Crisis

Intelligent technologies are so woven into our lives that we no longer see them.  They are not us.  Yet we permit them to decide for us... Read more

Capturing Scenario Planning Value

With any strategic planning exercise, maintaining momentum through the implemention phase can be a challenge.  Here are some important insights we've picked up along the way.  Read more

23 and Me, You, Everything

Biology is not destiny, but the field of genomics is chock full of powerful implications -- for science, medicine, commerce, society and just about anything we can think of. Read more

Serving our Diverse Client Base in 2017

FSG scenario consultants are wrapping up a busy and stimulating 2017, and we have lots of news to share. Read more

Scenario Planning for Big Tech and Big Media

Are we nearing a tipping point?   Read more

40 million people go missing in the future

Demographics, unlike many other scenario-planning factors, is not prone to serious uncertainty, right?  Hang on... Read more

Older and Wiser?

This is the second of two pieces about demography, focusing on another aspect, less to do with the population’s overall size than with its structure -  specifically the changing composition by age group.... Read more

Scenario Planning for Sustainability

Scenario planning and alternative futures are powerful tools for building corporate consensus around sustainability policies.  Read more

A Hypothesis about Working-Class Rage
Why are ordinary people revolting? Maybe...prediction? Read more
FSG Scenario Planning Workshop with Rhode Island Fisheries

Scenario planning is an enjoyable and stimulating endeavor, endlessly interesting and always rewarding —to a large extent because its usefulness is in decision making under uncertainty. Read more