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"I have a feeling that there are some great moves we could be making now that would set us up for future prosperity. Is there a way to take advantage of some of these options before our competition?"

Strategic Options

There are moves you can make now to gain future competitive advantage. But these moves – the strategic real estate that could offer the greatest returns in the future – are by their nature not obvious. They must be imagined, from a systematic review of the plausible futures you could face. FSG’s decades of dealing with future uncertainty on behalf of world-leading clients can help you lock in future opportunities before your competitors.

Problem: Client had a very long product development cycle and wanted to see farther out into the future to preempt competition in market areas that would emerge.

Solution: FSG used its scenario-based process to help the client gain a more sophisticated understanding of new market opportunities that would be important at the end of their unusually long product development cycle. With these insights they prioritized development areas and positioned themselves as leaders in newly emerging markets before the competition was even aware of their importance. They also beefed up their go-to-market resources to partner with other firms to bring their products to market segments they were unprepared to develop.