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Joseph Dufresne

Charles Thomas

Joseph (“Joe”) Dufresne is an FSG Principal, with deep experience in strategic planning and operational policy decision-support.

Joe began working with FSG in 2009 as a strategic analyst for the US Coast Guard.  Serving as the project manager for the Coast Guard’s strategic foresight program, Project Evergreen, he facilitated comprehensive foresight effort from across the Coast Guard and DHS enterprise to lead senior leadership through budget, operational policy, HR, and acquisition decisions.  He mentored several federal agencies on the use of scenario-based planning to combine corporate knowledge with structured foresight and position the organization for long-term success.  Joe brings extensive experience at field, managerial, and executive levels not only to craft organizational strategy, but to overcome the difficult challenge of translating and operationalizing strategic foresight work.    

In 2019, Joe retired as a Captain from the US Coast Guard and is currently based in Wilmington, NC. 

Joe holds a BS in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering from the US Coast Guard Academy and MSE degrees in Naval Architecture/Marine Engineering and Mechanical Engineering from the University of Michigan.  He is a fellow of the MIT Seminar XXI Program on Foreign Policy, International Relations, and the National Interest, and a licensed Professional Engineer.