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FSG’s Covid-19 Scenario Initiative

FSG is committed to helping our clients explore what the world could look like when the immediate Covid-19 crisis has passed – 2022-23. We have created a set of post-virus scenario foundations that describe a range of plausible, alternative.  coronavirus impacts on the economy, business, politics, global relations, health care, work, lifestyle and more.

Where do the scenarios come from?

There are eight scenarios, formed by the intersection of three mega-drivers (what we call “scenario dimensions”):

  • Politics (Democratic or a Republican victory in November)
  • Economic Recovery (Strong vs Weak)
  • Coronavirus Impacts on the Nation (Significant vs Mild)

The permutations and combinations of these dimensions produces eight distinct short-term futures for the US, each containing an array of challenges and opportunities for organizations and leaders.

How will the Covid-19 scenarios be used?

FSG has created these scenario worlds with the intent of customizing them for individual clients needing to dig deeper into their implications for their own sectors or industries. FSG has adapted its scenario strategy workshop format for virtual client interaction, for however long Covid-19 concerns limit travel and in-person workshops.

This Covid-19 scenario tool will be continuously updated and refined as external conditions change.

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