Case Study
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USCG Scenario Reassessment Post 9/11

In 2002, the Chief of Staff of the Coast Guard invited us back to reassess “Long View” in light of the events of 9/11 and the imminent migration of the Coast Guard to the new Department of Homeland Security. FSG succeeded in reuniting most of the former Long View Core Team for this exercise. The strategies and results of Long View were found to contain enduring value five years after the engagement. This was especially true in the case of Maritime Domain Awareness, which has become a mantra of the Coast Guard’s new Homeland Security missions. At the same time, the very pronounced shift to homeland security missions suggested the need to create interim, shorter-term scenarios, dealing with port security and a host of new challenges now presented by 9/11. The FSG team created two mini-scenarios to help the Coast Guard sort through many pressing operational issues, from technology to human capital, and conducted a modified scenario workshop in late 2002 attended by senior officers and civilian politicians. Out of this workshop and related analysis came a 24-month strategic “bridging” plan containing a set of initiatives.