Case Studies
Our unique approach to scenario planning, corporate strategy and futures analysis yields measurable results.

Scenario-Based Strategic Planning for Specialty Medical Boards

FSG has developed and applied a powerful and dynamic strategic-planning process for medical specialty boards. Specialty boards (e.g., the American Board of Internal Medicine) certify physicians to practice in specific medical disciplines, to ensure the highest standards of care for patients. Certification involves both initial certification of new practitioners and continuing certification for physicians throughout their careers. …

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Scenario Planning for Leadership in Stressful Environments

Alternative futures (scenario) planning has traditionally been the tool of choice for leaders concerned about potentially disruptive long-term challenges in their future operating environment. Alternative futures has always been about building robust strategies and plans that would work no matter how the future turned out. That’s still the case, but in recent years increasing numbers …

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Hands-On Training in Scenario Planning

FSG believes there’s only one way to properly learn how to do scenario planning, and that is to actually do it, in a real strategic context, and not as a generic business case from outside the organization.

Scenario Planning for Health Care and Medicine

Since 2012, Futures Strategy Group has been deeply involved in exploring the future of health care and medicine in the US. This work has evolved in partnership with the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME), a relationship that continues to the present day.

The Future of Recreation and Sport

What will be the social-political-cultural-economic backdrop for sports and recreation in 2025? This was the big question facing planners at a global marketer of consumer products and services facing both competitive challenges and uncertainties in a rapidly changing marketplace.

Enterprise Strategy for Consumer Products

Across diverse business sectors, many of FSG’s clients have effectively adopted scenario-based strategic planning as a tool to spur creative and innovative thinking. But equally impressive are the firms, often in mature sectors, which have embraced scenario planning primarily as a means of strategic prioritization and alignment, with break-out thinking a secondary priority. 

Guiding Strategic Direction in Financial Services

In a pilot exercise, FSG helped a division of a major life insurance company both critically evaluate its current direction and identify some potential new business ideas in what is now a mature market segment.

Scenario Planning for Emergency and Disaster Management

For the past several years, FSG has provided strategy and long-term planning support to a range of administrators, managers, and operators challenged with building preparedness in the face of increasingly complex and impactful emergency- and disaster-management situations.

The Future of Transportation Infrastructure and Development

NASA Aeronautics has the responsibility to provide high-risk, high-payoff technology capabilities and research infrastructure to support the nation’s aeronautics sector. This meant anticipating the needs of a huge and vital national economic sector – and further, anticipating the potential desires of the consumers, businesses, and government of the future.

USCG Scenario Reassessment Post 9/11

In 2002, the Chief of Staff of the Coast Guard invited us back to reassess “Long View” in light of the events of 9/11 and the imminent migration of the Coast Guard to the new Department of Homeland Security. FSG succeeded in reuniting most of the former Long View Core Team for this exercise.