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The Wrong Way to Use History

There have been a lot of historical analogies being thrown around lately.

The presidency of Donald Trump has caused a lot of smart people (and a lot of less-well-educated ones) to dig up stuff from the past that they see as relevant to our current situation – and to where we may be headed in the near future.

Trump Scenarios

A number of outlets have beaten us to the punch and put forward a variety of scenarios for our nation’s future under President Donald Trump. First off, the Brookings Institution has three Trump scenarios, written by Philip A. Wallach, Senior Fellow in Governance Studies. They are entitled “America Made Great Again: Trump as Figurehead and Negotiator;” …

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Farewell to a Friend and Colleague

It is with heartfelt sadness that we note the sudden passing of our good friend and FSG colleague Mark Safford in late July.

This Never Happened

Future scenarios require a past, because there's no data about the future.

Future Anti-Vaccinators

Opposition to proven preventive measures is not a left-right issue – and metaphorically, it also affects a lot of businesses. 

In the past few days, a mighty attempt has been made by various Media Creatures to shoehorn a controversy over a measles outbreak and non-vaccination of children into yet another left-right bipolar fight.