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March 7, 2016

Trump Scenarios

A number of outlets have beaten us to the punch and put forward a variety of scenarios for our nation’s future under President Donald Trump.

First off, the Brookings Institution has three Trump scenarios, written by Philip A. Wallach, Senior Fellow in Governance Studies. They are entitled “America Made Great Again: Trump as Figurehead and Negotiator;” “Congress Made Great Again: Trump’s Failure and the Return of America’s First Branch;” and “Just Sad: How Trump Exploited American Democracy’s Weaknesses.”

This past weekend, the National Public Radio show “On the Media” also broadcast a Trump presidential scenario, based on a Jon Lovett article published in the Atlantic in August 2015. It seems to hew a bit more toward the latter two Brookings scenarios.

We may be forced by events to come up with our own Trump scenarios in the near future. Until that happens, enjoy the ones we link to above…

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