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People – Too Many, Not Enough, or Just Right?

There is too much at stake to rely on old assumptions. Only by forcing ourselves to imagine previously un-thought-of futures are we really starting to take future uncertainty seriously.

FSG and Scenario Planning in 2017

What a year it’s been. And there’s still a week left. How many wild cards, Black Swans, once-a-century events…

Winding Down 2015

We wish all our clients, friends and collaborators a wonderful holiday season and a successful and rewarding 2016.  We look forward to staying in touch.

FSG Summer 2014 Update

 Conferences, travel and writings in the hazy, crazy days of mid-summer.

Productivity in a Ditch? Some Scenario Planning Reactions

With the Internet revolution already established, are the best days of productivity growth – and therefore income growth – behind us?  That worrisome question is popping out of the trends in growth in non-farm output.  But it’s possible the best is yet to come.