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December 19, 2018

Looking Back on the Year

Peter Kennedy
Managing Principal

To our clients, collaborators and friends… We hope you’ve had a productive and meaningful year.  We certainly have.  As always, there is quite a bit of news to share. 

FSG scenario consultants have continued to support the strategic plans and activities of the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME). We’re proud to note that we’re now in our sixth year working with them. The mission of ACGME is to understand and anticipate how the US medical system (and US society in general) will evolve so that ACGME can ensure that resident physicians are prepared to serve patients well into the 2040 decade and beyond. This past year, FSG and ACGME collaborated in the development of a whole new set of scenarios, which include comprehensive models of alternative future health care and medical delivery systems.  ACGME will be using this new set of scenarios and health care models to explore emerging medical education challenges and opportunities. As in the past, ACGME will make these scenario planning tools available to other health care and medical organizations in the not-for-profit domain. This past year, we helped both the new leadership of the American Board of Family Medicine and the University of Illinois College of Nursing draft strategic plans with the benefit of ACGME long-term health care scenarios. 

For a consumer products company, we helped explore the question: What will be the social-political-cultural-economic backdrop for sports and recreation in 2025? FSG was brought in to infuse some new thinking into the firm’s innovation processes – in effect, to apply scenario planning imagination and rigor to a shorter-term product- and service-planning challenge.  

Technology – specifically the advances of artificial intelligence – is on all our clients’ minds these days.  We wrapped up our scenario consulting year supporting one of the national labs as it imagines future applications of machine learning in energy systems. 

Another busy year awaits FSG in 2019 – a full plate of focused ACGME strategy work and an entirely new process of scenario development for a leading financial services provider in the technology sector.  With the pace of change accelerating and uncertainty about the future only only growing, the scenario planning option will grow only more compelling.  

We look forward to staying in touch in 2019, and we wish you all a joyful and peaceful holiday season. 

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