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March 30, 2014

Scenario-Planning Alumni Spotlight: Manoj Saxena

Peter Kennedy
Managing Principal

Periodically FSG reports on career milestones of former scenario-planning clients.  One is particularly noteworthy this month: Manoj Saxena, with whom FSG worked some years ago when he was business unit manager at 3M Telecom, recently left his post at IBM’s Watson Software Division. Manoj was the first General Manager in the Watson Software Division, a job he held for three years.  Last year he received the IBM Chairman’s award for Watson commercialization, among other achievements.  Manoj is now founding General Partner of The Entrepreneurs’ Fund, where he oversees investments in cognitive- and cloud-computing sectors.  He’ll also stay connected to Watson as a special advisor.  We remember Manoj as an intensely curious and forward-thinking professional, as well as an outstanding strategic leader.  More good things are doubtless in store for him in this next stage of his career journey.  We wish him continued professional success and personal fulfillment.

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