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December 18, 2017

Serving our Diverse Client Base in 2017

Peter Kennedy
Managing Principal

FSG scenario consultants are wrapping up a busy and stimulating 2017, and we have lots of news to share.

Throughout 2017, FSG retained its close support relationship with the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME). The mission of ACGME is to understand and anticipate how the US medical system (and US society in general) will evolve so that ACGME can ensure that resident physicians are prepared to serve patients well into the 2050 decade. FSG has continued to update the 2013 scenarios that we developed with ACGME, and they have been used internally for both strategy development and, increasingly, as a tool for identifying more detailed educational requirements for resident physicians. To this end, we facilitated a prototype project with the ACGME Internal Medicine Review Committee to explore more functionally specific implications of strategic scenario insights.  We’re now busy planning 2018 ACGME work, which includes the development of a whole new set of planning scenarios for the future of medicine and medical education.  Early in the year, we’ll also be partnering with ACGME in facilitating a scenario planning workshop for the University of Illinois College of Nursing.

Also in 2017, FSG facilitated scenario-planning processes for both private companies and government agencies engaged in critical areas of science and technology, especially aerospace.  These projects explored the strategic implications of changing roles of government and private sector R&D activities and alternative outcomes for the US and global economies, particularly with respect to technology disruption, supply chains, personal mobility and autonomous transportation.  In this work, we’re proud and grateful to have as our new partner, Evans Incorporated, a leader in human-centered change management.

Closer to home, this past year we applied scenario planning tools to support a New England organization in helping the Rhode Island fishing industry explore and adapt to the challenges of climate change.

We also have some important personnel news to report.

Earlier this year we welcomed Gerard Smith as a managing principal of FSG.  For the last several years, Gerard has been contributing his exceptional knowledge, experience and strategic insights to FSG scenario-planning projects for FSG healthcare, science & technology, and consumer products clients.  His long experience in advertising and strategic communications and the insight it provides into the wrenching changes underway in the media have been increasingly valuable. Gerard has also introduced important innovations in FSG processes, and will lead all of FSG’s forthcoming work with ACGME, taking over from, but working with Charles Thomas (see below).

Additionally, we are delighted to bring on Kevin McDermott as an FSG principal.  Kevin’s collaborations with us date back to 2005 and the groundbreaking Project Horizon for the U.S. Department of State.  In the last few years, Kevin has played invaluable roles in FSG project work and scenario practice development for clients including Port Authority of New York & New Jersey and ACGME.  In addition to his role as FSG principal Kevin will continue to head the New York strategic-communications firm he founded, Collective Intelligence, which has worked in Asia, Europe and North America in developing thought-leadership strategies for a roster of innovative clients.

Finally, with exceptionally mixed emotions, we note that effective December 31, 2017 our longtime friend and colleague Charles (Tom) Thomas is stepping down as managing principal to join our client, ACGME, as vice president for strategic planning.  Tom is a founding partner of FSG and the intellectual father of our scenario planning practice.  His work is recognized in strategic planning and scenario circles the world over.  To say he will be missed as a full-time FSG member is a gross understatement. The good news is that we will continue to work with Tom – as our client!  Moreover, Tom will play a part-time role as senior FSG advisor for the foreseeable future. We wish Tom great success and fulfillment in his exciting new role at ACGME.

We wish all our clients, collaborators, and friends a peaceful and relaxing holiday season and great success and fulfillment in the year ahead.  We look forward to staying in touch.




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