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March 24, 2012

Building Strategic Resilience in Emergency Management

Peter Kennedy
Managing Principal

Strategic Foresight at FEMA

Strategic Foresight at FEMA is a work in progress, but now an increasingly urgent imperative as a result of natural disasters and climate change.  

For more than a year, FSG and a partner have been busy supporting a scenario-planning exercise sponsored by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), as part of its Strategic Foresight Initiative (SFI). Launched in 2010, the SFI is a community-wide effort to anticipate emerging challenges and opportunities in emergency management and disaster response.

Last year, a scenario workshop facilitated by FSG and its partner brought together 50 practitioners and researchers from around the country to explore the strategic implications of five alternative scenario environments. The results of both the scenario workshop and foundational SFI research on critical drivers in emergency management are now available with the recent release of the report, Crisis Response and Disaster Resilience 2030. The report is a great overview of strategic foresight at FEMA.

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