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March 24, 2012

Revisiting “Types of Scenario Planning” and Old Blog Posts

Peter Kennedy
Managing Principal

Scenario Planning Models: November 2021 Update

FSG’s website and blog are in constant evolution. This past July we migrated our website to a new (and more user-friendly) WordPress platform.  In the process we have had to make some decisions on what content to retain and what to remove. While honoring Search Engine Optimization guidelines to “say more with less” we’re erring on the side of retaining old blogs that still seem useful. Happily, most of our content has aged pretty well. In fact, one of our most popular Google hits is the long-form blog entitled “Types of Scenario Planning” written by founding principal and now FSG senior advisor Charles Thomas more than a decade ago.  It’s a balanced and in-depth comparison of scenario planning models.

But don’t stop at the blog page. Visitors looking for other FSG writing should follow the Publications link under About.  You can find copies of some of our published articles there.

We should also mention that in 2020, the Harvard Business Review profiled FSG’s work with the US Coast Guard‘s under Project Evergreen. You can get access to the HBR article here.

As always, with the new site, we’ve worked hard to preserve the rich collection of ideas and perspectives we’ve developed over the years on scenario planning models, futures risk management, strategic decision support and managing uncertainty.

We look forward to staying in touch.  You know how to reach us.

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